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AdsPaying media is the best affiliate network that establishes real business relation with real connections.

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To Whom AdsPaying Media Is Best Suitable?


Individual Make your affiliate program live today with AdsPaying media. It offers best platform for startups, entrepreneurs and small business in which they can launch their affiliate program on their won and ensure their business growth in an accelerated way.


Leverage your enterprise sales with partnership. Create a truly amazing affiliate program that attribution solutions and commission structure flexibility to the advertiser.


Grow your partner agency with signing up to the affiliate program from AdsPaying media. We are working with number of agencies that advocate their business growth with us.

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How To Start?

Being an Advertiser, you get authority to choose from all publishers and provide them with a unique affiliate link. Publishers will advertise your product and services with the link provided to them. If customer makes a purchase from a particular publisher, publisher earns commission but if a customer does not make a purchase, then you pay nothing.

This is How You Get Benefitted at Both Ends!!!

Why To Choose AdsPaying Media?

Interactive User-friendly Interface

Advertisers will be provided with use- friendly dashboard through which they can discover real time notifications and performance of the affiliate program. Automated marketing emails are designed by AdsPaying media to ensure better communications with the affiliates of your brand, also saves time of the advertiser.



Detailed Insights

Stay alert with your program’s success with in- depth insights via customizable reports in AdsPaying media dashboardKeep a check on reports with a run-o recurring timeframe and explore new graphs to gains deeperknowledge about how your affiliate program is running.

Data Protection

We comply with our policies that ensures the protection of your personal data. Your data will only be used with your consent, only till the scope required for providing you services.


What Are Our Prices?





If the Publisher sale is $100 and your comission is 5% and your network fee to flex offers.comwould be $1.00 ( 1% of sales amount ) therefore the total amount payble to flex offers.comwould be ( $6.00 ) the sample is calculated based on 1% of network. the netork fee will verybased upon trafic and conversions.

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